Irena Dousková

Irena Dousková born 1964
novelist, short-story writer, poet and playwright

author of 9 books of fiction

author of bestsellers B. Proudew / Hrdý Budžes and Oněgin Was a Rusky / Oněgin byl Rusák

A master storyteller of attractive tales of human fates and relationships set in both past and present, writing very readable books mostly full of humour. She is a unique and distinctive author who has mastered the art of observation and characterisation; this mastery is seen to greatest effect in her typically apt ironic shortcuts and dialogues. 

The works of Irena Dousková have been published in eight countries - Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Belarus, Mexico and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the rights are sold to Croatia too.

Complete English translations of the books B. Proudew / Hrdý Budžes and White Elephants / O bílých slonech are available on request.

Selected bibliography

Goldstein Writes to his Daughter / Goldstein píše dceři
B. Proudew / Hrdý Budžes
Someone With a Knife / Někdo s nožem
Doctor Kott Wonders / Doktor Kott přemítá
Why This Night Is Different / Čím se liší tato noc
Onegin was a Rusky / Oněgin byl Rusák
White Elephants / O bílých slonech
Darda / Darda
Bear Dance / Medvědí tanec