Martin Fahrner

Martin Fahrner

born 1964
novelist, poet, translator and playwright 
Author following in the footsteps of the traditional Czech storytellers.


Martin Fahrner graduated from the Faculty of Education in Ústí nad Labem and the Faculty of Theatre in Prague (DAMU). He has worked as a dramaturg, boilerman, potter, tour guide in the High Tatras and HGV driver on trans-European routes. He has co-authored several stage plays. He seeks out stage plays for production in Czech theatres and translates them from the English. 

Selected bibliography

Steiner or What We Did / Steiner aneb Co jsme dělali
The Folly of the Doctor of Winnetouology / Pošetilost doktora vinnetouologie
The Madman’s Coat / Bláznův kabát