Petra Soukupová: To the Seaside / K moři

Petra Soukupová - To the Seaside / K moři The first fruit by Petra Soukupová goes well beyond the bounds of contemporary Czech literature. At the centre of the narrative are the life stories of a number of characters: people like you and me who are formally interconnected within the family but are very distant from one another in human terms. Their stories cross fully and authentically but once: on a more or less accidental holiday trip to the seaside.
By its form and motif this work of prose is reminiscent of Virginia Woolf and her classic novel To the Lighthouse. But this is no exercise in imitation: in the authorial utterance we can find (considering her age) a surprisingly intimate understanding of the breakdown of interpersonal relations and the impossibility of having rewarding communication, even within the immediate family.
(Pavel Janoušek)

Publisher: Host, 2007
ISBN: 978-80-7291-234-3
204 pp.


Jiří Orten Prize, 2008 (prestigious award for authors under 30), nominated for the Magnesia Litera Prize in the Debut of the Year category, 2008, and for Josef Škvorecký Prize, 2008

Foreign editions

Slovenian (Sanje, 2012), Bulgarian (ALJA, 2015), Croatian (Meandar, 2015), Bosnian (Brčko, 2015)

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Kornet (Serbia)