Michal Ajvaz : Empty Streets / Prázdné ulice - reviews

"In the context of Czech fiction today, the writing of Michal Ajvaz is a delicious rarity. [...] The themes of Ajvaz's latest novel also make it a highly entertaining read."
(Viktor Šlajchrt, Respekt)

"What we are reading here is the beautiful work of a supreme acrobat, replete with motifs, intrigue, destinies, an infectious joy in the telling, a feast of stories."
(Zdenko Pavelka, Salon)

"In his novel Empty Streets, Michal Ajvaz gives us a story so captivating that it is almost impossible to tear oneself away from it. [...] Without doubt, this is one of the literary events of the season."
(Jiří Zizler, Literární noviny)

"Ajvaz's prose is a specimen of that consummate, epic, creative ability to invent a fictional world in which the reader can seek refuge from the perils of reality."
(Aleš Haman, Tvar)