Michal Viewegh
  • novelist, author of short stories and newspaper columns and playwright
  • author of 32 books
  • about 2 million copies of his books sold in the Czech Republic alone

Michal Viewegh’s books have been translated into 24 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Holland, Chinese, Hebrew, Croatian, Russian, Serbian, Italian, Danish, Bulgarian, Polish, Macedonian, Belarussian, Slovenian, Slovak, Finish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Estonian. More than 100 volumes of his titles have been published abroad.

Ten successful feature films have been made based on the author’s work. Some of his books have also been adapted for performance on the stage, and played on many occasions.

Awards: Báječná léta pod psa / Bliss Was it in Bohemia - Jiří Orten Prize (1993), Vybíjená / Dodgeball - Magnesia Litera Readers' Award (2006)

"It is high time the successor to Milan Kundera's throne was declared - and it can be no other than Michal Viewegh. Viewegh achieves a symbiosis of the substantial, the important and the entertaining. His books are intelligent yet easy to read; they are comprehensive yet simple. Unlike Kundera he takes great pleasure in experimenting with different forms of narration. None of his books is the same as any other, but his fans will always find the things they hold dear."

Thomas Brussig, Der Spiegel


"Michal Viewegh is a symbol of post-revolutionary literature. As the father of the modern Czech bestseller and for a long time the most frequently read author, with an original style and humour, he has exercised a considerable influence on what literature means to most of the population and what people expect of it. Despite numerous excellent later works, his Báječná léta pod psa / Bliss Was it in Bohemia seen through the eyes of a boy as he describes the period from normalization to freedom, remains unsurpassed."

Daniel Konrád, Hospodářské noviny, 30 years of reflection, November 2019


Author’s web pages: www.viewegh.cz



Michal Viewegh was born in Prague. He began his studies at the University of Economics, but he quit the school to work as a night guard, among other jobs. In 1988, Viewegh graduated from Charles University in Prague (majoring in Czech language and literature and pedagogy.) After completing the military service in 1989, he became a primary school teacher and then an editor in the Československý spisovatel publishing house.

Viewegh became a full-time writer in 1995.