Michal Sýkora
  • literary scholar and writer
  • autor of five detective books

Michal Sýkora debuted as a novelist in 2012 with A Case for an Exorcist / Případ pro exorcistu, the first of his highly successful sequence featuring Commissioner Výrová, which Host is now in 2021 releasing in a new edition. It is followed in the series by Blue Shadows / Modré stíny (2013), It’s Not Over Yet / Ještě není konec (2016), Five Dead Dogs / Pět mrtvých psů (2018) and Worst Fears/ Nejhorší obavy (2020). The TV mini-series sequence Detektivové od Nejsvětější Trojice [= Detectives of the Holy Trinity] (2015—2019) is based on Sýkora’s Výrová novels; popular with viewers and critics alike, it has also been shown abroad.

With Petr Jarchovský, Michal Sýkora has written screenplays for the Czech Television mini-series Živé terče [= Live Targets] (2019) and the forthcoming Pozadí událostí [= Background to Events]. Michal Sýkora is the author of monographs on Vladimir Nabokov (2002, 2004) and Philip Roth (2019).

Michal Sýkora's books have been published in Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Egypt.

The author's work is presented in the anthology Prague Noir (Akashic 2017, USA).