A Men´s Novel

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: A Men´s Novel

Original title: Román pro muže

Genre: novel


Druhé město 2008, 2010

ISBN: 978-80-7227-274-7

Pages: 160

Foreign editions:

Slovenian (Sanje, 2009), Croatian (Profil, 2009), Polish (Elipsa, 2010)


Three middle-aged siblings (a female TV reporter, a local newspaper journalist, and a judge) and a young stripper on a ski holiday which, by sheer luck, does not end up with a murder – this is the basis of this novel.
Clever composition, a fast-moving plot, verbal and situational humour and not least the author´s powers of empathy – all these things serve as guarantees of a readability we have come to expect of Viewegh. This time we can add the uncompromising firmness with which he opens the door on the “secret chamber” of the world of men. The novel is set in its time and place by authentic quotations from Czech politicians and top state officials past and present, who – willy nilly – turn this fictional "men's outing" into a bitter story in which we all have a share.
A Men´s Novel is Michal Viewegh´s twentieth book. Maybe this is why it is more than a book about the disappointment of women in a world driven by overage boys but also a retrospective, at times self-ironizing demonstration of successful pencraft. 

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