A Chair for Štefan

Martin Šmaus

Martin Šmaus: A Chair for Štefan

Original title: Židle pro Štefana

Genre: novella


Host, 2008

ISBN: 978-80-7294-280-0

Pages: 176


The second book by Martin Šmaus confirms the success of his first fruit was not just fortuitous. The narrator of the novel is a typical non-hero. He lives in a functional family, he has got a well-paid job and he spends his leisure time climbing the rocks or drinking beer in pubs. Soon it seems to him that family life and his work usurp too much of his time and thoughts, concurrently they do not fulfill his life with the profound meaning. At first he escapes with his friends to the mountains, than more often to the pub. His alcoholic tours appall the small town people more and more and end up with firing from work, break-up of the family and hospital treatment of alcohol abusers. Then behind the fence of his house Jehova´s Witnesses appear so that they could provide the new meaning to his life…

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