More Thoughts of a Loving Reader

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: More Thoughts of a Loving Reader

Original title: Nové nápady laskavého čtenáře


Petrov 2000

ISBN: 80-7227-066-4

Pages: 126


Seven years after publishing Thoughts of a Loving Reader, the author returns to the genre of literary parody. Wittily, sometimes with sympathy, sometimes with sarcasm, he caricatures the form and style of famous writers from various countries and a broad spectrum of genres, not omitting the critics.


Almost 30,000 copies sold in the Czech Republic alone.


"Viewegh has lost nothing of his ability to play with the language, his meticulous observation of his colleagues’ worlds, themes, tricks, intellectual clichés, and his cheeky breaking of their untouchable icons in one great caricature."  
Andrej Halada, Lidové noviny

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