The Bitter Maliciousness of Living

Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: The Bitter Maliciousness of Living

Original title: Jízlivá potměšilost žití

Genre: novel


Druhé město, 2017

ISBN: 978-80-7227-391-1

Pages: 224


shortlisted for Czech Book Award

Foreign editions:

German (Braumüller Literaturverlag, 2019, Kathrin Janka), Arabian (Dar Al Hiwar, 2021, Ghias Mousli)

Rights sold to:

Macedonia (Avant)


„Whoever likes the fiction of Jiří Kratochvil will gladly accept that a hero and narrator of this novel is a rabbit that can talk, educate itself, philosophize about its own and human situations, and opine that it is unwise to meddle with them, because nothing good can come of it. Above and beyond the tale of the rabbit, there are incredible surprises in store, for this author’s imagination is unrivalled. Characters and events enter the story in the guise of our surrounding reality – a possible cause of confusion which, according to Kratochvil, is a result of ‘life stealing from literature’; it is with this in mind that he dreams up and builds his fictions. As the intentionally Kundera-esque title suggests, however, the author lives in the real world and is aware of its dark uncertainties.” – Milan Uhde

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