A Woman's Novel

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: A Woman's Novel

Original title: Román pro ženy

Genre: novel


Petrov 2001, 2005

ISBN: 80-7227-222-5

Pages: 270

Foreign editions:

German (Deuticke, 2002), Hebrew (Eked, 2001), Croatian (DiVic, 2002), Chinese (Locus, 2003), Slovenian (Sanje, 2005, 2008), Polish (Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo, 2005), Italian (Instar Libri, 2006), Hungarian (Ulpius Ház, 2007), Russian (Geleos, 2009)


Here the female narrator, a twenty-year-old editor who works on a fictive woman’s weekly, candidly assesses her own love affairs. The story provides the author with space for an ironic polemic on the archetypal character so essential to so-called ‘writing for women’ - the ‘ideal man’. 

In fact this is a slightly grotesque story of two women: the narrator Laura and her widowed mother, the interpreter and translator Jana. Both women are forever seeking ‘the one’. Jana was once heavily involved with a Czech guy, and ever since she has hated typical Czech men from the bottom of her heart, and keeps looking for the foreigner of her dreams. Laura eventually falls in love with 40-year Oliver. At the centre of the plot is the fact that Oliver is the very man who was once Laura´s mother’s great love, in other words that prototype of all Czech men …


Over 100,000 copies sold in the Czech Republic alone.

Film version:
Film based on the novel, premiered in 2005; produced by Nova Tv. Top 1 in box office receipts in the Czech Republic in 2005.


"All the oh-so-important problems of those passing through the novel with shiny smiles on their lovely faces, who live happily thanks to the correct application of vaginal cream, a mobile phone always to hand and a bit of something to eat, create a mosaic that is more eloquent and truthful on the subject of the Czech mentality than any serious sociological study ever carried out. A Woman’s Novel contains much more truth ‘about us’ than we think and maybe even more than we would like to know."  
Radim Kopáč, UNI

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