Annie and the Berleps

Vendula Borůvková

Vendula Borůvková: Annie and the Berleps

Original title: Annie a berlepsové

Genre: children´s book


Host 2014

ISBN: 978-80-7491-238-2

Pages: 200


A heart-warming adventure tale about a journey from the Malaysian jungle to olden-days Tibet and back again.


Thirteen-year-old Annie travels to Singapore to be with her mother, a theoretical physicist. She is really looking forward to being with her mother, with whom she stayed when her parents split up three years ago. They travel together into the interior of Malaysia. They are joined on their expedition by a Czech doctor of medicine called Karel, who claims that he, too, is here to work. But Karel is really an alien!

Mum is on her way to the jungle when she loses a talisman that Annie was given by her dad. The girl sets out on a peculiar rescue mission on which she encounters the Berleps, a mysterious nation of dogs, and has incredible adventures that lead her to a place she has always dreamed of and which was visited by her father before he left them. This place is Tibet. But it’s the Tibet of a few centuries ago . . .  

And perhaps this place holds the key to the future for all of them.


Reader age: 10+

Illustrated by Jindřich Janíček

Jindřich Janíček (born 1990) is completing his studies at the Studio of Illustration and Graphic Art at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He is an illustrator of books and book covers, a comics author and a designer of film posters.

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