New Bedtime Stories for Tired Parents

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: New Bedtime Stories for Tired Parents

Original title: Nové pohádky pro unavené rodiče

Genre: children´s book


Druhé město 2017

ISBN: 978-80-7227-398-0

Pages: 76


New Bedtime Stories for Tired Parents is a loose continuation of the book Short Bedtime Stories for Tired Parents, which was published ten years ago. In the meantime, of course, quite a few things have changed: Sára is fourteen, not four, and Bára is a no less critical twelve. Dad is still a well-known actor, Mum still a pharmacist. You may remember that Grandpa Petr died from a tumour in his tummy, like the tiger at Prague Zoo. What you won't know is that Grandma Vilma now has Alzheimer's, a disease whose sufferers might struggle to find their own way home, put their keys in their soup, or set the curtains alight to help them see better when solving a crossword puzzle. Episodes like this involving Grandma make Dad very unhappy. But when he suggests putting Grandma in a hospital for old people, Mum takes a deep breath and says, "So far she's the only grandma Sára and Bára have, so we'll have to keep her at home for at least seven more months". Dad accepts that Mum is right, but when he thinks back on the deep breath and how she said "so far", he smells something fishy ...    

The graphic design of this book, too, is the work of Radka Folprechtová.

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