A Weekend in London

Jan Folný

Jan Folný: A Weekend in London

Original title: Víkend v Londýně

Genre: novel


Host 2018

ISBN: 978-80-7577-412-5

Pages: 248

Foreign editions:

Serbian (Ammonite Books, 2021, Alexandra Cimpl Simeonović)


A novel about how there may no longer be time to do everything in life. 


Petr’s bare backside rests in camomile tea as he dreams of wild sex. Marek plans to commit suicide. Adam wants to get married and perhaps have a child.

The average Czech man lives for seventy-six years, which means that if you’re a man and you’re forty, you’re into the second half of your life. The worse half. Angst has set in about the amount of time remaining to you, the person you have become and the person you will never be. As you learn to accept that your life is finite, you begin to realize that there’s little chance that anything will change. What’s more, if you feel that in the first half of your life there were things you neglected, missed out on or underappreciated, now is your last opportunity to put this right.  

Three friends and former schoolmates prepare a weekend bender in London to celebrate their fortieth birthdays. Booze, sex, food, football and a good natter about everything and nothing. All this to calm their feelings about the need to take stock of their lives. But in the course of this weekend, more will change than just their age. 

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