Dita Táborská

Dita Táborská: Běsa

Original title: Běsa

Genre: novel


Host 2018, 2021

ISBN: 978-80-7577-583-2

Pages: 360


Běla and Sabina are identical twins. Their extraordinarily powerful childhood bond unravels because of a battle with drugs from which only one of the sisters will emerge victorious. Once that battle is over, their mother will be overwhelmed by self-pity as she expends most of her thoughts and love on the lost child. The other child loses her mother as well as her twin.  

Vitalij was born in a Czech village in Ukraine, in the year of the girls’ birth. Now an adult, he decides to visit the home of his forebears, a land he longs to see. Once in Prague, however, he becomes involved with Luboš, a pimp and dealer in foreign workers who deprives him of all his illusions. 

Then a child is born who connects the fates of all the protagonists, forcing them to reappraise their understanding of all it means to be a sister, a mother … and a father, too. 

The novel Běsa is a many-layered existential drama that is a loose continuation of the author’s highly successful novel Malinka.


"That Dita Táborská is a gifted writer is beyond doubt. Her use of language is highly original […] and she provides sensitive, acute descriptions of the workings of dysfunctional relationships."
Daniel Mukner, iLiteratura.cz

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