Stories Lacking Love

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: Stories Lacking Love

Original title: Povídky o nelásce

Genre: short stories


Ikar, 2019

ISBN: 978-80-249-3815-8

Pages: 232


In these new stories, Michal Viewegh returns to marriage and sex, his familiar preserve. Here, however, as is typical of his recent works, his point of view is acerbic, self-deprecating and sometimes blacker than black. The writer’s alter ego loses his wife, his money, his place in the family, even his dog, sustaining these losses with a gloomy calm. With a sorrowful cynicism that betrays weariness and disillusion even when posing as heroism, Viewegh captures snapshots of a life in which the love played out long ago. Harsh confrontation of reality takes many forms here. The enduring message, too, is a harsh one – in the end, a man is left with nothing but himself, and he who is untrue to himself is left with nothing at all.

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