The Little Cloud

Pavel Čech

Pavel Čech: The Little Cloud

Original title: O mráčkovi

Genre: children´s book


Literární čajovna Suzanne Renaud 2005, Petrkov 2018

ISBN: 978-80-875-9556-5, 978-80-875-9555-8

Pages: 88


A fairy-tale expedition in the world of children’s games, dreams and fantasies


One morning, a little boy wakes up and wonders what to play with. He sets out for the distant hill he has wanted to visit for a long time: he is going to fly a kite. Up on the hill, he sees that a little cloud keeps changing. First it looks like a steamboat; after that it looks like a Red Indian, and then an elephant. A storm comes, and the little boy shows great courage in saving ‘his’ little cloud from it. In the evening, the boy watches the sleeping city and the hilltop where that day he had a great adventure. He sees a falling star, and “before it disappeared beyond the horizon, he made a thousand wishes”.

This square-shaped book has brief text on one page and framed illustrations made from crumpled paper—attached with a dispersion adhesive and painted in the same colour as the rest of the picture—on the facing page. There is also text in the frames. The colours—mostly shades of blue, yellow and grey—are so light as to be almost translucent.


Reader age: 3+

A book for very young readers

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