The Key

Pavel Čech

Pavel Čech: The Key

Original title: O klíči

Genre: children´s book


Literární čajovna Suzanne Renaud 2007, Petrkov 2014

ISBN: 978-80-875-9526-8, 978-80-875-9525-1

Pages: 82

Foreign editions:

Danish (Vild Maskine, 2021, Peter Bugge)

Rights sold to:

Romania (Ars Libri)


A poetic tale about how a child’s imagination can be excited by something as trivial as the discovery of an old key.


Sometimes children just do not feel like going to school. When a little curly-haired boy with a school bag finds a lost key in the street, he uses it to unlock fantasy chambers in his head. Pavel Čech’s paintings, drawing inspiration from the style of well-known Czech classic illustrators Jiří Trnka and Jan Černý, accompany a modestly sized libretto commenting on the landscapes of opportunity that the boy explores. Later, with the help of a hole in his pocket, the “imaginary relay baton” is passed on to the boy’s schoolmate and a new portion of adventures about freedom, bound by neither time nor space, gets a chance to testify to the powers of a boy’s soul as expressed in dreams.


The story is built around the author’s whole-page illustrations. This book is for very young and grown-up readers alike. 

Reader age: 4+, Bilderbuch

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