No One Is Alone

Petra Soukupová

Petra Soukupová: No One Is Alone

Original title: Nikdo není sám

Genre: novel


Host, 2022

ISBN: 978-80-275-1397-0

Pages: 368

Rights sold to:

Slovenia (Celjska Mohorjeva Družba), Poland (Afera)


No one is alone, even if they might sometimes wish to be. Conversely, we might claim that all of us are always alone, no matter who we are with.


Veronika has a job she enjoys, a husband who understands her, and two teenage children with whom there are no major problems. She has a difficult relationship with her parents, but she keeps them at arm’s length. Even so, all that she has is sometimes not enough. After the fragile balance is shaken by the sudden death of her mother, Veronika’s happy life collapses around her like a house of cards.  

No one gives a better description of a Sunday lunch, a trip to an observatory or jostling for position at a grandmother’s funeral than Petra Soukupová. Her new novel will immediately draw readers into a world in which they see themselves before revealing in stages the absurdity and awkwardness of family battles with no winners.  

This is Soukupová as you know and love her.  

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