Onegin Was a Rusky

Irena Dousková

Irena Dousková: Onegin Was a Rusky

Original title: Oněgin byl Rusák

Genre: novel


Druhé město 2006

ISBN: 80-7227-244-6

Pages: 260

Foreign editions:

Hungarian (Kalligram, 2009), Polish (Mozaika, 2010), Slovenian (Didakta, 2010), English (Pálava Publishing, 2018)


This book is a free continuation of B. Proudew, a bestseller which has met with extraordinary success and been through many reprints. In part in thanks to its adaptation for the theatre (shown repeatedly on television), B. Proudew has become one of the best known works of Czech prose to be produced since 1989. Onegin Was a Rusky, too, is a tale close to the heart of anyone who can think back to the odd, grey world of Husák's Normalization; it is also sure to engage the interest of those who know these twilight years at second-hand only.
In spite of the obstacles placed in her way by the authorities, Helena Součková has succeeded in getting to grammar school. And although the cards fate deals her are difficult to play, she battles gamely to reach an understanding of her inner world and the world of hypocrisy around her.
Like B. Proudew, Onegin Was a Rusky is a highly personal tale replete with autobiographical reference and a tragi-comic mosaic of a time which the passing years have done little to deprive of its montrosity.
The degenerate, corrupt shambles which was the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic is presented here in all its wretched nakedness, and that this is shown seemingly by the way makes it all the more powerful. Quite simply, Irena Dousková has again succeeded in writing a wonderful novel which is bound to captivate a very wide readership.

Theatre adaptation - Divadlo v Dlouhé, 2008

Audio book was released in 2009 by Supraphon


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