O Postmodern, My Love

Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: O Postmodern, My Love

Original title: Má lásko, postmoderno

Genre: short stories


Atlantis 1994

ISBN: 80-7108-093-4

Pages: 120

Foreign editions:

Bulgarian (Heron Press, 2001, Anželina Penčeva)


A collection of thirty-seven petite, “one-minute” stories told in the first person, inspired by the One Minute Novels of Peter Altenberg, each of which playfully incorporates one of Altenberg’s sentences. Kratochvil’s intelligent puns contain contemplation, self-reflection, suggestion, hints, symbols and allusions hidden between the lines exactly as the post-modern spirit requires, but his fantastic, sensational and hilarious plots should attract unassuming readers as well as more demanding ones.


"The author plays with his potential readers, mystifies them and holds their attention with his art of colourful fabulation and action that is contained in a very compact shape resembling a brilliantly pointed anecdote. Thanks to this open communication with the reader, Jiří Kratochvil is one of the best storytellers in contemporary Czech prose."  
Jan Malura, Tvar

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