Nocturnal Tango

Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: Nocturnal Tango

Original title: Noční tango

Genre: novel


Petrov 1999, 2000

ISBN: 80-7227-082-6

Pages: 160


Jaroslav Seifert Award, 1999

Foreign editions:

Hungarian (Európa, 2001, V. Detre Zsuzsa), Serbian (Alfa-Narodna Knjiga, 2004, Marina Šimunović-Stojković)


Nocturnal Tango or Novel of One Summer at the End of the Century consists of three versions of one story about infidelity. In each of the three parts, the characters change and swap roles with the exception of the central one – the beautiful fairy-tale Rapunzel, who remains, unlike in the fairy tale, unfaithful. As we know from Kratochvil’s other works, the plot is interlaced with unexpected twists and pleasurable episodes, magical characters, and exotic settings. The three stories are drawn together in the final (fourth) part of the book.


"Nocturnal Tango reads like the story of a contemporary idyll, but in fact it is a novel which expresses the deep existential, ethical, national and civilisation traumas experienced by people living at the end of the century"  
Zbyněk Fišer, Host

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