Despondent God

Jiří Kratochvil

Jiří Kratochvil: Despondent God

Original title: Truchlivý Bůh

Genre: novel


Petrov 2000

ISBN: 80-7227-077-X

Pages: 112


the Dutch translation by Tieske Slim longlisted for European Literature Prize 2020 (shortlist to be announced in June 2020)

Foreign editions:

Hungarian (Európa, 2003), German (Ammann Verlag, Switzerland 2005), French (Gallimard, 2006), Slovenian (Didakta, 2009), Croatian (Profil knjiga,  2010), Dutch (Kleine Uil, 2019)


“After finishing this book, I realised that it is actually a film story for Stanley Kubrick or Roman Polański. But Kubrick is already in the other world and Polański is even more difficult for me to reach. The most important thing is the fact that this story of a middling librarian, who experiences something terrible, was written as a tribute to my two Masters – Milan Kundera and J. L. Borges”. – Jiří Kratochvil


"With Despondent God, Jiří Kratochvil has strengthened yet further his leading position in contemporary Czech prose."  
Jaromír Slomek, Lidové noviny

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