Antonín Bajaja

Antonín Bajaja: Duels

Original title: Duely

Genre: novel


Mladá fronta 1988, 2005; Host 2015

ISBN: 978-80-7491-433-1

Pages: 373


It may be nearly 30 years since it was first published, but this wide-reaching fresco in novel form of life in Moravian Wallachia has lost nothing of its persuasive power; hence the choice of Host Publishers to bring out a third edition for the benefit of today's reader. Duels tells the stories of several generations of mountain-cottage dwellers, memories of whom provide the background to the present. Through the interplay of cultural ties and transformations in the thinking of grandfathers, fathers and sons we approach the central idea of the work: the imperatives of humanity and morality, individual and collective responsibility.
The realistic storyline through past and present is mingled with the mythic imagery of folklore and the depiction of the exceptional landscape of the Moravian/Slovakian borderlands.

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