• novelist, journalist, author of TV screenplays and radio dramas
  • author of five books of fiction

Author of tales which cascade with emotion and concentrate largely on feminine themes. Her somewhat delayed first literary work (published in 1986) caused quite a stir among lovers of literature. For several years before her first book came out, she was enchanting audiences at venues throughout the country with her series of readings. When her Book with the Red Cover was finally published, it sold 60,000 copies immediately. Its readers already knew it very well...

English language anthologies containing the works of Alexandra Berková:
Daylight in Nightclub Inferno: Czech Fiction from the Post-Kundera Generation, Catbird Press, 1997

Allskin and Other Tales by Contemporary Czech Women, Women in Translation, 1998
Povidky: Short Stories by Czech Women, Telegram Books, 2006

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