Petra Soukupová
  • prose writer and script writer
  • author of seven books of fiction for adults, and three books for children
  • more than 200,000 copies of her books sold in the Czech Republic alone

Petra Soukupová´s books have been published in fourteen languages (German, Italian, Russian, Slovenian, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Serbian, Albanian, Vietnamese and Danish), rights have been sold to Switzerland (French world rights) and South Korea.

Feature-film adaptation of her short story Na krátko / Short Cut from the book Zmizet / To Dissapear was premiered in May 2018.

Petra Soukupová received the following awards for her books:

K moři / To the Seaside  — Jiří Orten Prize, shortlisted for Magnesia Litera Prize for Prose, Josef Škvorecký Prize (all 2008) • Zmizet / To Disappear  — Magnesia Litera Book of the Year, shortlisted for Josef Škvorecký Prize (both 2010) • Kdo zabil Snížka? / Who Killed Snowy? —  shortlisted for Golden Ribbon 2018 in two categories and for Magnesia Litera in Children's book category • Nejlepší pro všechny / Best for Everybody — shortlisted for Magnesia Litera for Prose 2018

Petra Soukupová also received two important domestic prizes for her film scripts.