• prose writer
  • author of two books

Matěj Hořava’s books have been published in eight languages – Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, with the rights sold to Egypt.


Matěj Hořava (b. 1980) is the pseudonym of an author who first came to prominence in 2014 with the prose work Distilled Spirit / Pálenka. He received the Magnesia Litera in the Newcomer of the Year category (2015) and Czech Book Prize (2015) for his first fruit. It already has been published in six countries including Romania, where much of it is set. His second book Stopover / Mezipřistání, was published in 2020. This book was shortlisted for Magnesia Litera in the Prose category (2020) and for European Union Prize for Literature (2021).

Matěj Hořava has also published poems and short works of prose in the magazines Tvar, Weles, Host and Respekt.

The author studied in Brno and worked as a teacher in Czech villages in the Banat region. In years 2013-2022 he lived in Tbilisi, Georgia.