Petra Dvořáková
  • prose writer and screenwriter
  • author of two books of non-fiction, three books for children and six books of fiction for adults
  • more than 140,000 copies of her books sold in the Czech Republic alone

Petra Dvořáková (b. 1977) comes from the Vysočina region of the Czech Republic. She is a graduate in Philosophy from Masaryk University, Brno. She first came to readers’ attention with Transformed Dreams / Proměněné sny (2006), a book of interviews for which she won a Magnesia Litera prize. Her subsequent books – I Am Hunger / Já jsem hlad (2009), The Net / Sítě (2016) and the novel The Village / Dědina (2018) – served to raise her profile further. Julie and Words / Julie mezi slovy (2013) was awarded the Golden Ribbon prize for best work of children’s/YA fiction and the SUK Teachers’ Prize. For younger readers, she has also written the works Flouk and Lila / Flouk a Líla (2015) and Everyone Has a Line to Hold / Každý má svou lajnu (2017). She established herself as a best-selling author with the novel The Surgeon / Chirurg (2019) and the novella Crows / Vrány (2020), winning the Book of Year award in the Literary Prose category for the latter. She is also a best-selling author in Poland.

As well as writing the series Tales from the Park / Pohádky z Parku for Czech Radio, she has written many screenplays for programmes for young viewers of Czech Television.

Petra Dvořáková’s books have been published in six languages: Albanian, Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Serbian, Slovenian.