Viktorie Hanišová
  • translator and prose writer
  • author of five books
  • more than 35,000 copies of her books sold in the Czech Republic alone

Viktorie Hanišová's books have been published in Germany, Spain (in Spanish and Catalan languages), Italy, Egypt, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia, rights have been sold to Poland.


Viktorie Hanišová (born 1980) debuted in 2015 with the well-received novel Anežka /Anežka, about the dysfunctional relationship of a mother and her adoptive daughter, concealed racism and stereotyping. Her novel The Mushroom Gatherer / Houbařka (2018) looks at trauma in childhood and domestic violence. The loose trilogy of novels addressing motherhood and trauma was completed in 2019 by Reconstruction / Rekonstrukce, which is about coming to terms with a parent’s suicide. The short story collection A Long Track / Dlouhá trať, which addresses the theme of suicide, appeared in 2020. In the Spring 2021, the book of interviews on thrift and sustainable city living Concrete and Clay / Beton a hlína was published.

Viktorie Hanišová is a graduate in English and German from Charles University, Prague. She works as a translator and language teacher.