Petra Klabouchová
  • prose writer

Rights for Petra Klabouchová's books have been sold to France, Italy, Macedonia and Poland.

Petra Klabouchová (b. 1980) comes from Prachatice. Having studied Media and Journalism at Masaryk University in Brno, she worked for several years for the regional press and television. She now divides her time between Italy, the USA and the Czech Republic, working in the music industry as manager of a number of rock groups. She is author of the novels The Last Cuban Orange / Poslední kubánské pomeranče (2012), The Golden Pharaoh Deception / Podvod zlatého faraona (2019) and The English Garden / Anglická zahrada (2020). For children, she has published the two-part Vampires series, Curse of the Vampires / Prokletí upírů and A Dangerous Expedition / Nebezpečná výprava (2014).   

Among the most successful of her several books are the crime story Sources of the Moldau / Prameny Vltavy (2021, Johann Steinbrener Award) and the novel By the North Wall / U severní zdi (2023), both published by Host.