Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia

Original title: Výchova dívek v Čechách

Genre: novel


Český spisovatel 1994, 199?; Petrov 1997, 2001

ISBN: 80-7227-095-8

Pages: 224


Book of the Year Lidové noviny poll 1994 ( 3rd place), shortlisted for the 1999 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

Foreign editions:

English (Readers International UK & US, 1997, 2016), Dutch (Uitgeverij Wereldbibliotheek, 1996), French (Flammarion, 1997), German (Deuticke, 1998; Piper, 1999), Croatian (Divic, 1997), Hebrew (Eked, 1995), Danish (Gyldendal, 2000), Italian (Mondadori, 1999), Latvian (Tito Alba, 2001), Serbian (Stylos, 1999), Spanish (Metáfora, 2000), Bulgarian (Colibri, 2003), Slovenian (Delo, newspaper 2002; Cankarjeva Zalozba, 2003), Finish (Like, 2004), Belorusian (Arche, magazin, 2004), Polish (Swiat literacki, 2005; Agora, 2011), Rumanian (Editura ALL, 2012)

Rights sold to:

Macedonia (Antolog)


A novel which can be read in at least four ways: as a suggestive story of the life tragedy of a 20-year-old girl; as a witty satire of the current Czech education system; as a "book about writing books"; and finally also as an ironic love story. 

The young teacher Oskar accepts an offer from the millionaire Král to give private lessons to his daughter. Crackpot Beáta turns out to be a beautiful and thoughtful girl who is facing difficulties with the whole world as well as herself. The life of a well-balanced teacher changes into the lunacy of love, the hurricane of passion and breakneck dodging between lover, wife and 9-year-old daughter.


Over 120,000 copies sold in the Czech Republic alone.

Film version:
Film based on the novel, premiered in 1997; produced by the Film Division of Czech Television. Top 15 in box office receipts in the Czech Republic in 1997.


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