The Opšlstis Foundation

Stanislav Komárek

Stanislav Komárek: The Opšlstis Foundation

Original title: Opšlstisova nadace

Genre: novel


Petrov, 2002

ISBN: 80-7227-145-8

Pages: 200

Foreign editions:

German (Rowolt Berlin, 2005, 2017, Sophia Marzolff)


The first venture into fiction of Stanislav Komárek is a novel, and one with generational ambitions. It is set in the 1980s, for the most part in Vienna, a world which the author knows well from his years as an émigré. The plot is a total invention, although the bizarre particulars and overall impression of setting are, with a few exceptions, true to life. It is the author’s intention neither to cause offence nor to convince his readership of a Great World Conspiracy which holds us all in its thrall.

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