Notes On Fatherly Love

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: Notes On Fatherly Love

Original title: Zapisovatelé otcovský lásky

Genre: novel


Petrov 1998, 2004, Druhé město 2008

ISBN: 80-7227-153-9

Pages: 204

Foreign editions:

Croatian (Divic, 1998), Hebrew (Eked, 1999), Russian (Inostrannaya Literatura, magazine, 2000), German (Deuticke, 1999) and Polish (Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo, 2007)


The main themes of this novel are not only the problems of youth and adolescence but also the relationship between children and their parents in a failed marriage. The narration is handled here in sections alternately by the children and the father, each of which differs greatly in style. The author gradually knits their individual views into a well-composed whole.


Over 60,000 copies sold in the Czech Republic alone.


"Michal Viewegh has succeeded in writing exactly the book he intended, and that makes him one of very few contemporary authors who is both a convincing writer and a confident master of words."  
Filip Tomáš, Právo

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