The Luxembourgh Gardens

Michal Ajvaz

Michal Ajvaz: The Luxembourgh Gardens

Original title: Lucemburská zahrada

Genre: novel


Druhé město, 2011

ISBN: 978-80-7227-312-6

Pages: 176


Magnesia Litera - Book of the Year 2012

Foreign editions:

Russian (Globus, 2013, Olga Akbulatova), Croatian (Disput, 2015, Katica Ivanković), Macedonian (Antolog, 2018, Igor Stanojoski), Arabian (Dar Al Hiwar, 2021, Ghias Mousli), Serbian (Liberland Art, 2022, Alexandra Cimpl Simeonović)

Rights sold to:

USA (Deep Vellum)


The Luxembourg Gardens describes a sequence of events experienced by Parisian secondary-school teacher Paul in the summer holidays. In an absent-minded moment he hits the wrong key on his computer keyboard and misspells a single word; as a result, he spends the happiest and most terrible period of his life. The action of the novel is set in Paris, Nice, Nantes, New York State, Moscow, the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, Taormina in Sicily, and Lara, a town of the author’s invention.

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