The Big Freeze from Prague Castle

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: The Big Freeze from Prague Castle

Original title: Mráz přichází z Hradu

Genre: novel


Druhé město, 2012

ISBN: 978-80-7227-324-9

Pages: 352

Rights sold to:

Bulgaria (Paradox)


Beautiful broker Diana (in her new role of television reporter) and journalist Marek Konwicki discover a shocking video recording that shows Václav Klaus at a secret meeting with Vladimir Putin. Prague’s mayor Bohuslav Sobotka issues a public challenge to godfather Roman Janoušek – to a duel with swords. Two neo-Nazis are being hunted nationwide, and now they are heading for Prague – and the Prague Pride gay and lesbian parade – with a bomb in their backpack. And a transexual called Kristýna delivers to the offices of the MF Dnes daily newspaper A Top Secret Book, or the diary of the president's male lover, who has drowned in mysterious circumstances. And this is just the start of The Big Freeze from Prague Castle, the new book by Michal Viewegh. Other figures in this ruthlessly sarcastic panopticon of politics and society include Prime Minister Petr Nečas, Head of the Cabinet Office Jana Nagyová, Livia Klausová, Minister of Transport Vít Bárta, Minister of the Interior Radek John, Archbishop Dominik Duka and Russian ambassador Sergey Kishelyov. Cameo roles are played by President’s men Hájek and Jakl, godfathers Palounek, Dlouhý, Oulický and Rittig, singer Landa, director of the Security Information Service Lang, Martin Roman, Jana Bobošíková, Miloš Zeman and many others. The author boldly walks the outermost boundaries of freedom of speech, creating for the reader an exhilarating collage that – hyperbole notwithstanding – is a dangerously true picture of today’s Czech Republic. If Viewegh’s bestselling Mafia in Prague was an explosive book about political sleaze, then its loose sequel The Big Freeze from Prague Castle is a mixture capable of a much bigger explosion.

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