My Life after Life

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: My Life after Life

Original title: Můj život po životě

Genre: novella


Druhé město, 2013

ISBN: 978-80-7227-340-9

Pages: 152


On 8th December 2012 Michal Viewegh's aorta ruptured. At the hospital they tried in vain to revive him for half an hour and as Doctor Skalský said, if they had decided not to operate, it would have been in line with standard medical practice. But they did try... And against all expectations Michal not only survived but less than a year later he is publishing his latest, 25th book.

In it he describes the way life looks to someone with a seriously damaged brain, someone who should be happy to still be alive... but who only manages that with difficulty. He has survived, but all his previous life is now in ruins and he is entirely dependent on the care of those closest to him – and too frequently he wonders if it would not be better... But there is his writing that keeps him going. And now there is a book, which despite all the pain, is a purifying book...

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