Tales of Marriage and Sex

Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: Tales of Marriage and Sex

Original title: Povídky o manželství a o sexu

Genre: short stories


Petrov 1999, 2001; Druhé město 2008

ISBN: 80-7227-108-3

Pages: 224

Foreign editions:

Macedonian (Tabernakul, 2000), Croatian (Divic, 1999), Serbian (Stylos, 1999), German (Deuticke, 2004), Slovenian (Modrijan, 2012), Ukrainian (Folio, 2012), Polish (Katmar, 2015)


This volume of short stories discusses the narrator’s loves over seventeen-odd years. From being a timid lover who marries his first girlfriend and eventually divorces her, the hero becomes a man of experience who nevertheless remains incapable of maintaining a long-term, satisfying relationship with a woman. With aloofness and in a kind of caricature, Viewegh has his sexually and socially successful hero consider the causes of his feeling out of place and his frustration, without granting him the courage to leave the vicious circle of deceptive 'erotic abundance'. 

Over 85,000 copies sold in the Czech Republic alone.

Feature film based on this book was premiered in September, 2008 (directed by Jan Hřebejk), and on this occasion, the third edition of the book has been published.


"Without unnecessary bittersweet scenes, these short stories describe the birth of a romance, the gradual waning of emotion and understanding in the routines of a marriage, the break-up of the partners and its reverberations, as well as their post-divorce sexual fluctuation. All this is seen through the eyes of a male hero, a character who approaches Kundera–like scepticism and the ironic attitudes that we recognise from Kundera’s Laughable Loves."  
Petr Hanuška, Aluze

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