Under the Snow

Petra Soukupová

Petra Soukupová: Under the Snow

Original title: Pod sněhem

Genre: novel


Host, 2015

ISBN: 978-80-7491-493-5

Pages: 373

Foreign editions:

Polish (Afera, 2016), Slovenian (Društvo Mohorjeva Družba, 2017), Bulgarian (Alja, 2019)


A seemingly common situation: one winter day three sisters get into a car and head for their parents’ place, where they will celebrate their father’s birthday. Blanka and her two daughters, a baby and a dog, Olina, her son and an iPad, Kristýna with a hangover. In the overfilled car too are their life stories, memories of childhood, unfulfilled dreams and frustrations; only a few miles into the drive the atmosphere grows tense. And at this stage the sisters are unaware that more unpleasantness awaits them at their parents’ home.

In details of family relationships and ostensibly ordinary events Soukupová succeeds in capturing imprints of life’s complications with such brilliance that the reader relates to them as unique dramas. The naturally effortless narrative style, which is typical of this author, serves to underscore the story’s authenticity, engaging the reader to such a degree that he/she becomes a passenger in the car as it passes through the winter landscape.

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