Transformed Dreams

Petra Dvořáková

Petra Dvořáková: Transformed Dreams

Original title: Proměněné sny

Genre: non-fiction


Host, 2006, 2013

Pages: 164


Magnesia Litera Prize for Journalism 2007


Ten conversations on illusion and disillusion that faith brings.


These are powerful confessions by people who are searching for faith, losing it, fighting for it and often against it ... and quite often fighting with themselves. Each story could form the basis of a powerful novel. How can it be that the work of novelist is being done by perceptive journalists?  - Jiří Trávníček, Host

Thanks to all these encounters, I realized that the ability to believe is vital to humans. It is not of fundamental importance whether what we believe in is God, a relationship, the future or something else. It is important that what we believe can transform us and open up new possibilities for our futures. It does not matter whether the transformation of an individual is gradual or radical or whether it is towards or away from God and church. We cannot judge what is right and what is wrong: the judging of human life is the business of no one, nor of any church or ideology. - Petra Dvořáková

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