I Am Hunger

Petra Dvořáková

Petra Dvořáková: I Am Hunger

Original title: Já jsem hlad

Genre: non-fiction


Host, 2009, 2013

ISBN: 978-80-7294-318-0

Pages: 144

Foreign editions:

Polish (Stara Szkoła, 2023, Miroslaw Śmigielski)


About a struggle with anorexia nervosa, a search, a journey and a return to the feminine soul.


This layered narrative addresses complex family ties and traumas, a fumbling quest for love, and the search for refuge in an alternative relationship that has scandalous overtones. It shows a connection between the development of anorexia and a child’s serious illness and sometimes successful attempts at finding a fixed point in faith in God.    

This work presents anorexia as a constant effort to achieve true womanhood. It shatters the generally accepted view, as presented by the media, that anorexia nervosa is about weight loss in quest of beauty. Although the narrative does not end happily, at the end of the book we and the heroine reach a greater understanding of how healing can be achieved.  

The book contains an afterword by Dr Miroslava Navrátilová, a national expert on this subject.


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