Michal Viewegh

Michal Viewegh: Moonlighting

Original title: Melouch

Genre: novel


Druhé město, 2016

ISBN: 978-80-7227-386-7

Pages: 160


For several years, two long-standing friends and erstwhile fellow teachers have been making their livings in rather lucrative professions: one is a gigolo, the other a contract killer. Now they take off together for the Sázava river, for a few days’ rest from the demands of their work.
As everyone knows, however, men keep working even when on holiday … This is the outline of a screenplay whose author is hell-bent on attracting an apathetic film producer. Brutality or true love – which will prevail? Or why not have both?

This new short novel by Michal Viewegh is a thriller and tragic love story in one.

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