Everyone Has a Line to Hold

Petra Dvořáková

Petra Dvořáková: Everyone Has a Line to Hold

Original title: Každý má svou lajnu

Genre: children´s book


Host, 2017

ISBN: 978-80-7577-030-1

Pages: 114


On floorball, first love and the price of victory. For teenage girls and boys who love floorball.


Brother and sister Adam and Kateřina share lots of things with those around them – small-town life, school and friendships, and most of all floorball. They practise several times a week and are hoping to win the County Cup. But they have more on their minds than sporting success. Things are tense at home, their parents are always arguing, and Richard’s gang are getting rougher and rougher in their tricks. Is Eliška about to become Adam’s girl, or is she just helping Richard’s gorillas with their foul play? Can Richard’s father buy his team a win? What is little Váva up to? And who will score the winning goal? 

Play along with them and get much more than one floorball victory. 

I always say that everyone has their line and it’s up to them to hold it. Still, they’d never score a goal without someone playing them the right pass, or without a team around them to put the ball through and set up the chance.  

Not every goal means a win. Nor is everything as it appears at first.


Reader age: 10+

Illustrated by Karel Osoha:

Karel Osoha (born 1991) is one of today’s most successful young comic-book scenarists and illustrators. He began working on large book-based projects while still a student, winning the Muriel Award for Best Cartoonist for Pavel Kosatík’s album Czechs in 1948 / Češi 1948. He was shortlisted for a Czech Grand Design Award for his illustrations for Dustzone / Prašina and the first part of the comic-book trilogy Return of the King of the Bohemian Forest / Návrat Krále Šumavy.

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