Best for Everybody

Petra Soukupová

Petra Soukupová: Best for Everybody

Original title: Nejlepší pro všechny

Genre: novel


Host 2017

ISBN: 978-80-7577-400-2

Pages: 368


shortlisted for Magnesia Litera for Prose and Czech Book Award

Rights sold to:

Poland (Afera), Bulgaria (Alja), Albania (Ombra)


If we don’t know how to be happy ourselves, how can we know what’s best for others?


Ten-year-old Viktor is a spoiled troublemaker who lives in Prague with his mother Hana, a theatre actress who struggles to manage her own life, let alone Viktor’s upbringing. One day, Hana receives an offer to appear in a serial to be shot at the other end of the republic, which she sees as an opportunity to solve all her problems. To free herself up for the filming, she sends Viktor to stay with his grandmother in the country, his resistance notwithstanding. She has convinced herself that a change in environment will be good for both him and her mother, who recently lost her husband and would be better off with someone to keep her company.

Feeling cheated and betrayed, Viktor is made more desperate still by his dominating grandmother, who has a clear idea of what his life and that of his mother should be like. In addition to the drama of Viktor’s acclimatization to the country, the novel follows Hana’s progress as she struggles with her role, Viktor, her mother and her occasional lovers. It also tells the story of a woman whose contact with her grandson leads her to realize her weaknesses and the inevitability of old age. And all of them want nothing but the best for each other.

One of Viktor’s most important experiences in the country provides the story for the book Who Killed Snowy / Kdo zabil Snížka?.


Note: Two books by Petra Soukupová have been published nearly at the same time in the Autumn 2017. „These two books — Who Killed Snowy?  and Best for Everybody — do and do not belong together. Each is and is not a part of the other, as a child is and is not a part of his parents. And as the book-child and book-parent gradually give up their stories, we come to understand that these are neither two separate stories nor the two halves of a whole. It is difficult to explain. But it is like one hand taking another.”, says about the latest works by Petra Soukupová Tomáš Baldýnský

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