Tereza Ščerbová

Tereza Ščerbová: Kooki

Original title: Krtník

Genre: children´s book


Host 2016

ISBN: ISBN 978-80-7491-785-1

Pages: 96


Golden Ribbon 2017


A philosophical tale for teenagers soon to know the adult world and for adults who want or need to remember.


Kookis aren’t born, they appear. They don’t die, they disappear.

Kooki lives in the hills, where he sings to the foxes and talks with the stones. He lives in the here and now, wanting for nothing – until he meets Bear from the town, whose vivid stories of the big, wide world make his head spin. Bear brings him books, they talk and they become friends. Then Bear vanishes – just like that!

For the first time in his life, Kooki wants for something. Then Jelly – a very strange, ugly creature with two mouths – comes to the hills. Seeing that Kooki is sad, she promises to take him to Bear in the town. Provided that he shows himself able to do one interesting thing. Properly. Better than anyone else!

In the attempt to become someone else (so that Bear will like him), Kooki does whatever Jelly thinks up for him to do, and so gradually loses touch with his own self ...


A story about attachment, overambition and keenness to adapt to the expectations of those around us. It is also about resignation and courage – the courage to take responsibility for your own life and to find a way back to what you are. 

We’re so obsessed with work that we’ve created our own work programmes (Jellies). The more we work at success, the less of the Kooki we have in us: there is no time for him. Then suddenly he is gone. With the disappearance of the Kooki, everything that makes us human disappears, too. All joy is gone, leaving only work in its place. Happily, the Kooki can reappear, but bringing him back is no easy matter …

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