Looking for a Star

Lenka Brodecká

Lenka Brodecká: Looking for a Star

Original title: Hledá se hvězda

Genre: children´s book


Host 2015

ISBN: 978-80-7491-495-9

Pages: 232


White Ravens 2016

Foreign editions:

Serbian (Propolis Books, 2018)


A thrilling tale of adventure for little princesses and young detectives alike


Beyond seven mountains and seven centuries lies a kingdom called Shining Stars. For many years calm and peace reigned in this land because it was protected by a mythical meteorite that once fell from the heavens. On that miraculous night all criminals were turned into eggs made of stone. Wickedness was banished. But on the day when our story begins, the very day when a new jester arrives at the royal castle, it turns out that the Shining Star—the meteorite of the myth—has been stolen. Something is going on inside the stone eggs, and the castle is bracing itself for an attack by forces of evil.

There is only one way to avert a catastrophe: by tracking down the thief and so returning the Shining Star to the castle. This gargantuan task is taken on by a couple of adorable detectives—a remarkable jester with only one bell and a little, rather lonely princess. Can these two save the kingdom? Although readers of all ages will be charmed by this story of crime and love, children aged between seven and twelve will enjoy it most.

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