The Inflaming

Ivana Myšková

Ivana Myšková: The Inflaming

Original title: Nícení

Genre: novella


Fra, 2012

ISBN: 97-8808-74293-03

Pages: 168


A linguistically brilliant prose debut exploring the pathology of selfless parenting.

This debut novella by Ivana Myšková was praised for its flawless technique and language. The Inflaming is the story of young Hermína, whose caring parents and a number of fateful men have had a more than healthy influence on her life. Hermína’s internal monologue, interrupted by her letters to friends, focuses on interpersonal relationships, social conventions and expectations. In particular, the novella explores the relationship between mother and daughter as well as whether, and how, it is possible to overcome unwanted genetic baggage. The image of parents as eiders, tearing out their own feathers to create the best possible living conditions for their offspring is a stifling metaphor for excessive parental care, destructive love and unwanted self-sacrifice. For Myšková, precision and perfection of expression is key, creating highly aestheticised and refined intimate prose.


“Her ambition is not to accurately record, trace and colour but to caricature, change proportions, alter lighting, adapt and parody.”



“Ivana Myšková’s literary debut […] lives and breathes with unusually rich language and has courage.”

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