Viktorie Hanišová

Viktorie Hanišová: Reconstruction

Original title: Rekonstrukce

Genre: novel


Host, 2019

ISBN: 978-80-7577-817-8

Pages: 311

Rights sold to:

Poland (Stara Szkoła)


Mere survival is no kind of life.


“When I was born, I was nine years, ten months and seven days old.” With these words, Eliška, protagonist of the novel Reconstruction, begins her story. She spends her childhood in her reclusive aunt’s dark villa, of no interest to anyone. At least, this is how it seems, judging by the reactions of those around her.  

Eliška has her origins in murder. Her mother killed her younger brother and then herself, leaving no letter of farewell. Those who saw Eliška’s mother on the day of the tragedy noticed nothing unusual. Eliška has grown up in ten years of emptiness. When she is an adult, she has decided, she will find answers to the questions that nag her. What truly happened? Why did her mother do it? And why didn’t she take Eliška with her…  

In her third novel, Viktorie Hanišová writes of the attraction of empty places and the urgent call of a fall into darkness. Sometimes, even an attempt to find stability in life can take you to the cliff edge…  

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