Weird Kids' Club

Petra Soukupová

Petra Soukupová: Weird Kids' Club

Original title: Klub divných dětí

Genre: children´s book


Host, 2019 (to be published in November)


Mila, Petr, Katka and Franta are weird. Or at least that's what others think.


Ten-year old Mila likes animals — especially insects and most of all spiders. She is also able to "vanish off the face of the earth". When she concentrates on something, she finds everything else ceases to exist.

Petr is in the fourth year, but he looks like a first year. He draws wonderful pictures, but in the night he cannot sleep, as he is afraid of the dark. Well, not so much the dark as what lies hidden in the darkness. And when he falls asleep he has dreadful dreams.

Katka has no friends, and she thinks she is fat and ugly. She's afraid to talk to people, and she's only happy when she's reading.

Franta's legs are in a bad way, so he has to walk on crutches. He's angry about his disability, and he's mean towards people. He enjoys making videos for YouTube, particularly provocative ones.

These four meet up by chance. At first they are not even friends, just weird kids who spend time together, but then they plan to run away from home together and they have an experience that is not to be forgotten.

I'm weird, I know. I've known it a long time, so I've got used to the fact that people sometimes stare at me. Or maybe it's not exactly getting used to it, because I've never really actually cared. It's just that I could always see that people think I'm weird.


Illustrated by Nikola Logosová

Nikola Logosová (born 1992) graduated from the Studio of Illustration and Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She works with comics, graphics, posters, author's book projects and illustrations. She is the co-author of the comics Spring / Jaro, which won an award in the Most Beautiful Book 2014 competition. Her book Careful, Doctor! / Pozor, doktor (Běžíliška, 2018) accompanied by her illustrations, was awarded the Gold Ribbon in 2019.

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