House No. 6

Nela Rywiková

Nela Rywiková: House No. 6

Original title: Dům číslo 6

Genre: detective novel


Host 2013

ISBN: 978-80-7294-683-9

Pages: 279

Foreign editions:

Italian (Edizioni le Assassine, 2020, Raffaella Belletti)


The story of four neighbors whose search for a seemingly simple way of life leads them to a commit a crime.


This novel takes the reader to the outskirts of a city and a dilapidated house in the middle of an erstwhile factory site, surrounded by the high furnaces of Vítkovice Ironworks. The run-down, rusting and crumbling production halls are reflected in the difficult lives of the people who live in the house.

The protagonists all have in common a past spent in a factory cage, an inability to change their lives for the better and an inability to imagine themselves architects of their own destiny. Together they vegetate behind the concrete-panel walls, out of sight of other people and beyond the interest of the authorities. Their silent watching makes them witnesses to, and eventually participants in a crime. Anyone who wishes to tear them away from the comfort of their order becomes a threat to them. And to remove an inconvenient person is a simple matter...


”In her debut, Rywiková has managed to prove her talent, portray original characters, move the plot forwards in short chapters and thereby produce a portrait of both the area and the people.”

František Cinger, Právo

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