Čenda the Spider’s Second Adventure. In the Wood

Pavel Čech

Pavel Čech: Čenda the Spider’s Second Adventure. In the Wood

Original title: Dobrodružství Pavouka Čendy 2. V lese

Genre: children´s book


Petrkov 2014

ISBN: 978-80-875-9537-4, 978-80-875-9536-7

Pages: 76

Foreign editions:

Slovak (Petrkov, 2019, Katarína Birošová)


The sequel to a story of adventure about Čenda the spider and a wooden cuckoo


The spider has come to live in the wood. Readers learn what a Nomura is and who is hidden in a smoking puffball. Čenda and the wooden cuckoo make friends with Jarda the ant, Ota the snail and Jana the girl spider. When Jana finds herself in mortal danger, Čenda sets out to save her with the help of the wood’s oldest inhabitant. The book ends with the action at its most thrilling…


reader age: 4+

complete English translation available

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